Let Kids Be Kids Summer Camp Request Process Open

Let Kids Be Kids Summer Camp Request Process Open

Wednesday, Feb 21, 2018

Children in the child welfare system deserve to be treated like any other child and should be able to participate in normal, age-appropriate activities. A report released by the Florida Guardian ad Litem Program, "A Voice Heard," noted insufficient funds to support participation in outside activities was a significant barrier to implementing the "Let Kids be Kids" Law. Fewer than 50% of children in the foster care system participate in extracurricular activities. We are providing funds and assistance to this special population for summer camps and programs. We have chosen the summer months because during this time children have too much unstructured time on their hands that could lead to additional problems.

Please complete the request form with required information. All camps/program should complete Level 2 screening of staff or volunteers for the child's safety. By completing this form, applicant confirms they have done due diligence on the program for which they are requesting funds.

Deadline has been EXTENDED:  June 1st, 5pm

Requests will considered for children ages 3- completion of high school. A suggested funding request per child is around $300 but any amount will be considered. If you have difficulty completing this form, please contact iamforthechild@galf6.org.

Who can make a request?

  • Guardians ad Litem in Pasco and Pinellas Counties

How much can I request?

  • A suggested funding request per child is around $300 but any amount will be considered.

What can I use the funds for?

  • Payment is limited to the cost of camp and equipment.
  • The camp or program must certify to you that it performs a level-2 screening of all employees or volunteers who work with the children.
  • Transportation is the responsibility of the applicant.

How do I make a request?

  • Complete the form
    • Describe the camp or program and how the child will benefit
    • Explain the financial need for this program
    • Include any equipment needed for this camp or program
    • State whether payment must be made online at the time of registration
    • If there is a registration deadline or limited capacity, please indicate this information on your request.
  • Click on "agree to the terms of service" and submit the form

What happens after I submit the request?

  • Applications will be considered monthly on a rolling basis up until May 11, 2018. Please allow sufficient lead time for application requests.
  • We will inform you if your application has been accepted by email. If you indicated your camp has a registration deadline or limited capacity, we will do our best to make accommodations.
  • We will mail you a check for the requested amount made out to the camp or program, or two checks -- one for the camp or program and the other made out in your name for the equipment requested.

What if I have to make payment online to the camp or program?

  • We will call you if your request has been approved and assist in making the application.

For suggested Juvenile Welfare Board approved camps, please click on the following link




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