One Voice, One Child: Trinity and Destiny

One Voice, One Child: Trinity and Destiny

Monday, Jun 1, 2015

This month’s story features two children supported by a husband and wife GAL team that ensured normalcy for the children in care as well as a successful reunification with their mother. Normalcy activities are so important because they help build self-esteem, encourage their emotional and developmental growth, and helps develop friendships as well as define the child.

Trinity (7) and Destiny (6) were removed from their home due to challenges faced by their single mother, and her ability to safely care for her daughters. Trinity and Destiny’s GAL team were proactive from the start! The GALs focused first and foremost on providing normalcy for the girls, including weekend outings. These outings gave the girls time to do normal childhood activities that they had never experienced before, such as Disney World, movies and dance performances. The GALs were also instrumental in obtaining scholarships for the girls to attend a year of cheerleading. This promoted bonding between the girls and their mother, as the mother loved cheerleading when she was younger. This activity helped maintain a sense of normalcy for the girls during a turbulent time. The girls gained a sense of achievement, more self-confidence, and learned how to work as a team as well.

They also supported the mother to become a better parent and to learn more about her children’s medical issues. They were the mother’s cheerleader as she worked to form new positive habits and learn how to best care for her daughters. They helped the mother find better housing and found donations to update the property and make it more inviting. The girls have their own room for the first time in their lives. The GALs monitored the case and made sure all services were in place to support the family unit. They served as the bridge for service providers to have open communication regarding the girls. Thanks to their GALs and the support and encouragement provided, the children have successfully been reunified with their mother for over 6 months now.


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