One Voice, One Child: Jackson

One Voice, One Child: Jackson

Thursday, Feb 25, 2016

For this month's One Voice, One Child we are highlighting how one person made a difference in the life of one child and their educational outcomes. 

Jackson, a teenager living in Largo, came into care in 2011 because of family violence issues. Jackson began struggling after multiple placements and schools-no less than 10 since he came into care. Jackson's Guardian ad Litem volunteer noticed after one quarter in Alegbra he only had a 3% because he was unable to complete several assignments due to not readily understanding the material. The Guardian ad Litem Foundation of Tampa Bay was able to find a male tutor who could adjust his schedule to work around Jackson's other activities and visit him on weekends in his group home to catch him up before the school year ended. Jackson was able to bring up his grades significantly and enrolled in Summer Bridge to continue building on the foundation he gained with his tutor. Jackson also asked that he be able to stay active throughout the summer by attending boxing classes at a local boxing center and the Foundation was able to support this request thanks to generous donors like you. 

The Guardian ad Litem Foundation has funds and resources specifically designated to support increasing educational outcomes for youth in care. If your case could benefit from tutoring or other educational supports, please contact your Child Advocacy Manager to complete a Children's Needs Request Form. More information on the process can be found here


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