One Voice, One Child: Christian

One Voice, One Child: Christian

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Christian, age 14, came into care when he was 12, due to substance abuse challenges his mother had. He was placed with his grandparents. It was unclearwhere Christian should live long term. The Guardian ad Litem listened to Christian and ensured he was in court to express his wishes to the Judge.    Living with his dad was an option, and although Christian wanted a relationship with his father, he was always adamant that remaining with his grandparents was best for him. Christian loved his mother, and was clear about what she would have to do to earn back his trust. His mother worked hard and Christian decided to give her another chance to work on rebuilding their trust and relationship. After time and work for both, the mother and Christian were reunified.

The GAL was also able to arrange for some much needed tutoring sessions to assist him in his studies.  The tutoring helped bring him up to speed and gave him confidence. Christian is a member of an Explorer Post run by the Sheriff’s Department and this is one of the activities he cherishes most.  The program is based on survivorship skills and includes camping out. The Guardian ad Litem through the Guardian ad Litem Foundation was able to secure a 4-person tent for Christian he absolutely loves! All along Christian has stated that he just wants a normal life…to be a kid. Thanks to a lot of work by his GAL, mother, grandparents and him, he is attaining that goal. He was recently chosen to attend a leadership conference in the Florida Keys.  We are confident he will continue to achieve his goals in life because of his efforts and perseverance.

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